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Best Selling Contract Phones

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

6000 Mins
6000 Texts
2.00 Data

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

6000 Mins
6000 Texts
2.00 Data

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

6000 Mins
6000 Texts
5.00 Data

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

6000 Mins
6000 Texts
4.00 Data

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

500 Mins
6000 Texts
0.25 Data

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

6000 Mins
6000 Texts
5.00 Data

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

6000 Mins
6000 Texts
2.00 Data

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

1000 Mins
6000 Texts
1.00 Data


  • Xperia Z1 comes alive

    Sony Xperia Z1

    Xperia Z1The newSony Xperia Z1 has now been announed by Sony, many positives as the xperia range jumps to higher spec models as the Z1 comes in with a 20 megapixel camera.Xperia Z1 review

    • LG G2 announced and looking fine

      LG Optimus G2

      The new LG flagship comes as no suprise as thew LG G2 brings to the fore some fine features, looks great and high specs means an exciting release awaiting.LG G2 review

      • Blackberry A10 a full touch screen

        Blackberry A10

        Rumours have surficed before regards a Blackberry A10 and it is thought that if true the A10 will be a full touch screen version.

        • Lumia 625 colourful Windows phone

          Nokia Lumia 625

          Nokia are powering away this year with their Lumia range of smart phones, this time launching the largest screen Windows 8 phone, a 4G Lumia with bright colour options. At 4.7 inches the Windows 8 Lumia 625 review has a screen you can see everything.

          • Is there more to come from iPhone

            Apple iPhone Lite

            So could we be seeing more from iPhone this year, as a possible launch of a iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 yet there maybe a cheaper version that may arrive with rumours of a Iphone Lite. Thought to be a cheaper lower specifciation version of a iPhone also possibly in several different funky colours, this would really show a different side to the iPhone range.

            • ONe mini now in line for release from HTC

              HTC One Mini

              HTC have finally announced the One mini, and what a cracker it is, still keeping the same design of the HTC One with as expected a smaller screen and lower spec, the HTC One mini is due for release in the UK around September. In the meantine see the One mini review

              • Lumia 1020 with pro camera announced

                Nokia Lumia 1020

                Here it is , the Nokia Lumia 1020 with a 41 megapixel sensor giving great images to look back on your photos in great detail, yet that is not the only thing, with Nokia Lumia 1020 review with pro camera you can change the settings of the image before you take it and see a live preview ensuring you get your perfect photo.

                • Nexus 5 from LG?

                  LG Nexus 5

                  If you was a LG nexus 4 lover you will be happy to hear rumours of the possible release of the nexus 5, possiblities of manufacture of the nexus 5 means that a release if ifficail will tbe around October and maybe will come with lets says Android 5?

                  • Galaxy mega white

                    Samsung Galaxy Mega

                    Nokia 208Samsung galaxy mega prices are now released and also the colour white is now on the market, take a look at this super large smart phone with 2 varients of the model available, either 5.8 inch or a huge 6.3 inch screen.

                    • Nokia 208 colourful simple phone

                      Nokia 208

                      Nokia 208Nokia have announced a new low end phone with the Nokia 208, a colourful simple but smart handset, a bit simpler than the recent smart phones that have been released but a lot easier on the pocket with prices expected to be low as Nokia look to cover that market.

                      • HTC One Red UK Release

                        HTC One

                        HTC One Red release.Fancy the HTC One in red, well your dream will come true, with a relase of the HTC Red available from mid July this will be a fntastic addition, with the various models of versions of the One recently appearing, the flagship handset in red is a delight. HTC One Red price
                        HTC One Red on EE Network price
                        HTC One Red on O2 Network price
                        HTC One Red on Orange Network price
                        HTC One Red on Pay as you go price
                        HTC One Red sim free price
                        HTC One Red on t mobile network price
                        HTC One Red on talk mobile network price
                        HTC One Red on three network price
                        HTC One Red on Vodafone network price

                        • xperia Z Ultra giant screen phone coming??

                          Sony Xperia Z Ultra

                          It seems manufacturers are hitting phablet mode as rumours of a sony xperia Z Ultra to be released by Sony with a huge 6.44 inch screen, wowzer. Expected to be holding the latest hardware and a design suited to the Xperia family but with the extrememly large screen added in. Check out the Xperia Z Ulta review

                          • Galaxy Note 3 rumours

                            Samsung Galaxy Note 3

                            Rumours of another new addition to the galaxy range with the note 3. Samsung seem to be very busy with their range as many new phones have entered the fray so far this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be expected to have a bigger screen than the previous galaxy note 2 and also get the latest updates that have arrived with the recent release of other top end galaxy family phones.

                            • UK deals on Huawei Ascend P6

                              Huawei Ascend P6

                              Ascend P6 prices available.The smart phone war goes on with Huawei now bringing in a monster of a smart phone with the Ascend P6. Looks great and top end secs and with the title of currently being the tinnest smart phone at only 6.14mm it is definatly an allrounder. Huawei Ascend P6 now currently has offers in the UK just released.

                              • S4 mini deals are now available in UK

                                Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

                                Galaxy S4 mini prices avaialbleSo the prices are here for the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, several shops and networks have now added their deals on offer for this handset. Currently you can get this for as low as 7 per month with an upfront cost or 32 a month with a free phone from Tesco shop on thwe O2 network.

                                • 41MP camera with the Nokia EOS

                                  Nokia Eos

                                  So more phones arriving with the Nokia EOS the next large megapixel camera to be released with Nokia officially stating that it will have 41 megapixels....huge

                                  Expected to be announced fully in July the Nokia EOS surely looks interesting and is expected to arrive in some internesting colours too.

                                  • Max it out with HTC One Max

                                    HTC One Max

                                    It now seems that we are going to see different versions of manufacturers flagships smart phones, there already seems to be rumours of a mini HTC One coming and now there is more about a phablet version possible called the HTC One Max. The HTC One has been great for the manufacturer and most have been impressed by the handset with the build quality taking front of stage.

                                    • Iphone 5s could be a colourful year

                                      Apple iPhone 5S

                                      Nothing official from Apple as yet but iPhone rumours are going wild as normal for any Apple new product, but this time there could be a new range of iphone colours. Manufacturers recently have been getting a bit more colourful in their range and normally iphone is kept to the normal black or white, many colours have been rumoured but one currenly could actually be gold.

                                      Probably it wont be long until we hear something official as it would be expected that the new Iphone will be released around August

                                      • Official release on Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

                                        Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

                                        Galaxy S4 zoom the camera phonewell it was rumoured that the S4 would have different varients and this last few weeks as proved that, with the S4 zoom also added, with a s4 type Android smart phone and a zoom camera with 16 megapixels.

                                        Now you can have best of both worlds.

                                        • Q5 preorders coming to UK soon

                                          Blackberry Q5

                                          We will be expected the new Blackberry Q5 to hit the UK soon as Blackberry pushes its Blackberry 10 operating system on another QWERTY keyboard smart phone, the Q5 being a more budget handset comparedd to the flagship QWERTY of the Q10

                                          Expected to be a cheaper price per month but with release of the pre orders soon we will know.

                                          Check oput the Q5 review to give you more information about the handset

                                          • Nokia Lumia 520 ceap price point

                                            Nokia Lumia 520

                                            Manufacturer Nokia are now seeing the most of the market in the Windows phones but one model that has been selling well is the Lumia 520.

                                            One of the budget end of the Lumia range but with its looks at decent budget smart phone specs it has been selling well reported to hold 4.4% of the global windows market.

                                            There is no doubt that part of that is also the price point of which users can get this phone at, with current deals you can get at 5+ per month with discounts etc etc.

                                            • Another with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

                                              Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

                                              Here we go as samsung revealed more electronics in a conference held today, showng off many items including the new and expected samsung galaxy ace 3

                                              The ace has always been a medium range smart phone and this shows with these specs how far the last year has come with the Galaxy Ace 3 showing off some decent specs.

                                              • Samsung Ativ S and ativ range to be Windows phones

                                                Samsung Ativ S

                                                The orginal Samsung Ativ S showed a new Windows phone and the operating system in mobile is expected to grow this year with several manufacturers planning more new handsets.

                                                Combining some great specs and features that easily allows you to combine the Ativ s between work and personal use and with this operating system there is software that you would be easily used to like Microsoft office built in.

                                                • Samsung Galaxy S4 gets active

                                                  Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

                                                  Well the latest flagship for its manufacturer is the Samsung Galaxy S4 but we already have a variation of this handset released with a s4 mini being made available later this year, yet another option is now the S4 active.

                                                  This is a new s4 for you outdoor goers that may be requiring a top end smart phone but want something a bit more rugged, giving dust protection and also water protectio with the manufacturer looking at a protection against water damage upto 30 mins under upto a depth of 1 metre.

                                                  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Mega

                                                    Samsung Galaxy Note 2

                                                    The samsung galaxy series has a lot of smart phones covering for all users but one of the top end smart phones is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 otherwise known as a phablet, with extra large display touch screens the Galaxy Note 2 is so much more.

                                                    Using many of samsungs features and a great design the note 2 enables you to enjoy true multitasking in the palm of your hand and experience it on a 5.5 inch display.

                                                    A user experience that includes the S pen which brings both the user and galaxy note 2 even closer together with the ability to write and draw and the enhanced sensitive S pen.

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